shoreham III //

Commendation in the 2016 Architeam award for Residential-Alterations

A sleep out for visiting guests within an existing machienery shed, shoreham III examines the essentials of occupation, and
priorities engagement and connection over privacy and bigness.

Retaining the history of the machinery shed was essential, so finding a language of the new ensured this was maintained.
Plywood sheets gave contrast to the rough cut cypress externally, and the existing machine oiled posts were given the same
presence, inside and out. The existing pine lining boards were extended on the ceiling to emphasis the drop in section, out to the
view beyond.

A new glazed wall is pulled away from the eves, exposing the elementary structure beneath. This facade hinges back to create a
deep verrandah space angling out to the northern views beyond, and providing protection in the summer heat. The entry door folds
inwards directing guests into the space on the tangent.
Three sleep nooks have been inserted into the existing shed, and work to curate the space in-between. Each of these internal
spaces open to one corner to allow long views whilst sitting within; intimate and connected simultaneously. A colour defines each
room, and a character for way finding.

The resulting space in-between makes more of its footprint by inversely borrowing extended views though open corners, and
allowing an informal flow of the program within.

Project Team: Claire Scorpo, Nicholas Barker, Gustav Jeppal
Photographer : Tom Ross of Brilliant Creek

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